Silver Plus

Characteristics of Silver Plus awnings:

  • This standard model of the awnings is ideal for smaller terraces and balconies;
  • An aluminium profile, along the sides of the product enables a free choice of where to install the awning. There are special holders for the profiles.
  • This is one of the most popular models due to its attractive price and universal use.
Foldaway parts Tube, bending, additional overhang and remote control      
Ways of instalment  On walls, ceilings or roof structure – rafter.
Cassette  No

 Manual or remote control

Manual control  Possible length of handle: 1,5 m; 1,8 m; 2,2 m.
Remote control  Engine, engine with opening possibility in case of emergency, remote control, wind sensor or wind and sun sensor.
Tube  Diameter –70 mm or 80 mm
Bending  Can be folded, aluminium, with springs and resistant chains.
Bendings, that slide past each other  Possible. With bendings that slide past each other, the width of the awning: projection – 0.4 m
Additional overhang  Possibility.
Colour of the awning construction  Powder inking: white

 Standard height 21 cm (± 0,5 cm), 3 ways, max height 40 cm.

Angle of incline  5°~40°
Projection  1,6 m; 1,9 m; 2,2 m; 2,5 m.
Max projection  2,5 m.
Max width  5,3 m.
Min width  Projection + 0,4 m.
Guarantee  24 months


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