Horizontal blinds

The bottom line for using horizontal blinds is simplicity and comfort. The installment possibilities for these blinds are completely universal, because horizontal blinds can be easily fixed on plastic, wooden or mansard windows, as well as doors and glass walls. The main task of any horizontal blind is to protect a space from direct sunbeams or unwanted watchful eyes from outside.

The usage of different styles and materials allows you to use horizontal blinds in every room and any interior design. They will look appropriate for office spaces, production units or warehouses, where there is a need for austerity and functionality. At the same time horizontal blinds will naturally fit in your kitchen, bathroom or any other space.

The most common horizontal blinds are made out of aluminium. They consist of 16 or 25 millimeter wide aluminium plates, that are industrially colored in various tones. We offer both - matte and glossy coloring.

Correctly chosen tone of wooden horizontal blinds will naturally match with the furniture in your kitchen.

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