Panel systems

If you want to introduce something new and unusual in your interior design, we suggest to chose a system of vertical panels. This system stands out with its practicality and endurance. Due to the originality and beneficiality, this system is commonly used in spaces with big windows, alcoves or separated zones.

There are many advantages, one of which is the comfortable use of fabric panel systems in places with onerous accessibility, many windows or glass walls. The panel system blinds do not accumulate dust.

In comparison to vertical blinds, panel systems can be easily moved by hand, just like curtains; or managed by a band, rod and electric motor. Standard system contains up to five panels. The lower part of the panels is free without any connection to other parts of the system. The fabric is fixed in place with an adhesive tape made out of cloth, therefore you can change the order of fabrics, in accordance to your needs or mood.

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