Roman shades

Roman shades (blinds) are one of the oldest and most practical means of protection from sunbeams. Over the time roman shade systems have changed and evolved along with the newest interior and fashion trends.

The special mechanism of roman shades works by lifting and folding the fabric of the shade in an even cases. Besides you can adjust the height of the lifting to you desire. Roman shades have a functionality of other blind systems and elegance mixed with classic look of curtains. This is why in recent years Roman shades have acquired an increasing popularity.

The fabric of Roman shades is attached to a cornice by means of special adhesive tape. Each horizontal section of the fabric contains a metal rod, that gives the shade its shape and allows you to fix the desirable height. Roman shade system contains a special mechanism of cornice, that consists of lifting blocks and a shaft. This exact mechanism ensures the lifting and lowering of the shade. There is a possibility to attach an electrical mechanism, that allows you to open and close the shade from afar with the help of a switch or a control panel.

Roman shades will excellently mix with any modern or classic interior design. The most important is the choice of the fabric. Roman shades can be made out of both - fine and transparent fabric (e.g. organza), or thicker fabrics (e.g. tapestry). This fact allows them to be used as day or night curtains.

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