Cassette roller blinds

Cassette roller blinds is a system of blinds specially created for PVC, metal-plastic and aluminium windows or doors. The cassettes are set up for each individual opening, and due to the extensive range of fabrics, they harmoniously mix with every interior style. Meanwhile, opaque black-out fabric types lets you dim the room completely.

In comparison to the usual roller blinds, cassette roller blinds have many advantages. Firstly, they do not interfere with opening or closing of the window. Secondly, due to the fixation of guideways, you do not have to worry about the fabric floating, because of wind; many roller blind users find themselves fighting this problem. Finally, the biggest advantage is the fact that, upon the installation of these blinds, you do not have to drill your window frame or wall, because the cassette is easily attachable to the surface by means of a special tape or clips.

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