Roller blind Day-Night

Fabric roller blinds Day-Night are an innovation in in the market, therefore an original utilization of these blind will be a universal gain for your home or office.

These two-layer blinds are elegant and simple solution for every interior design. The two layers consist of transparent and opaque zones, that create the Day-Night effect. These zones can be completely or partially overlapped, therefore, by regulating the overlap of layers you can control the amount of light coming into a room.

Besides the usual raising and lowering, these blinds contain additional regulatory mechanism that is easy to use. By pulling a chain the horizontally placed layers can be mutually overlapped or separated. The blind contains a lower weight specially created for Day-Night system, and this weight rolls the two-layer fabric on a scroll, as the fabric slides through it.

This type of roller blinds can be easily used as a wall or ceiling decoration, which will brilliantly supplement and highlight any interior design.

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