Characteristics of Australia awnings:

  • ideal for bigger terraces or commercial objects;
  • enhanced bendings for a better stretch of the fabric;
  • an aluminium profile, along the sides of the product enables a free choice of where to install the awning. There are special holders for the profiles;
  • There is a central tube holder for wider awnings. It helps to reduce fabric curvatures. 
Foldaway parts tube, bending, fabric and remote control.           
Ways of instalment On walls, ceilings or roof structure – rafter.
Cassette No

Manual or remote control

Manual control Possible length of handle: 1,5 m; 1,8 m; 2,2 m.
Remote control Engine, engine with opening possibility in case of emergency, remote control, wind sensor or wind and sun sensor.
Tube Diameter – 70 mm or 80 mm
Bending Can be folded, aluminium, with springs and resistant chains.
Bendings, that slide past each other Possible. With bendings that slide past each other, the width of the awning: projection – 0.4 m
Additional overhang No
Colour of the awning construction Powder inking: white, sand, brown, graphite, silver.

Standard height 21 cm (± 0,5 cm), 3 ways, max height 40 cm.

Angle of incline 5°~60°
Projection 1,6 m; 2,1 m; 2,6 m; 3,1 m; 3,6 m.
Max projection 3,6 m.
Max width 7 m.
Min width Projection + 0,35 m.
Guarantee 24 months


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